A Definitive Cure of Early Essential Hypertension


The patient, a young man, 22 years of age, was referred to me by Dr. H. Street of Litchfield, Ohio. He consulted me because of emotional instability, sweating, slight tremor, tachycardia, heart consciousness and inability to undertake a normal amount of work. In the course of the examination at the Clinic an early essential hypertension was discovered, the eye grounds exhibiting the changes seen in essential hypertension of Grade I. The blood pressure was 150 systolic, 100 diastolic. Here was a case in which neurocirculatory asthenia was associated with very early essential hypertension at the age of 22. I recognized the opportunity for performing an operation on the branches of the celiac ganglion and the adrenal glands on both sides in so early a phase of essential hypertension that I would not have suggested the operation for the essential hypertension alone, for this was not the disease that was causing the disability for which the patient sought relief. It was the neurocirculatory asthenia which brought him to the Clinic.

This operation was performed seven years ago. Doctor Street and I have followed this patient’s progress with very great interest as we realized that in this case we had a rare opportunity to throw light upon an important question, namely: Is essential hypertension a pure pathological process like the growth of a fibroid tumor or may essential hypertension be the result of a pathologic physiology? In other words, is essential hypertension a curable disease in its early stage?

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