Digital subtraction angiography to assess the results of operative repair in infants with hypoplastic right and left heart syndromes1

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The authors describe the use of intravenous digital subtraction angiography (DSA) for the postoperative evaluation of 4 infants following surgery for hypoplastic right and left heart syndromes. Digital and analogue systems with single average multiple masks were used with two commercially available systems with radiographic or continuous models. In all infants, 3 ml or less of Renografin-76 was injected intravenously for the study. DSA studies in 2 infants with hypoplastic right heart syndrome 18 and 19 months, respectively, after surgery, clearly demonstrated growth of the right ventricular chamber. In 1 infant, a pericardial outflow track aneurysm had developed. Two infants with hypoplastic left heart syndrome underwent studies 15 and 20 days after surgery, respectively, which demonstrated the adequacy of systemic and pulmonary artery flow and normal right ventricular function. Intravenous DSA is a safe and effective measure for following the results of surgery in infants with hypoplastic right and left heart syndromes.



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