Contact dermatitis to knee patch adhesive in boys’ jeans: a nonoccupational cause of epoxy resin sensitivity

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Three cases of eczematous dermatitis of the knees are reported in three children who had been wearing Sears, Roebuck and Co. Toughskin® and/or Roughhouser® jeans with knee patches for several months. All had strong positive patch tests to epoxy resin (Epon® 825) from the standard screening patch test tray and to pieces of the knee patches. Although Sears initially denied that “epoxy resin” was present in the knee patch adhesive, it was later confirmed that 4,4-isopropylidene diphenyl epichlorohydrin (Epon® 828) was present. In 2 of the 3 patients patch-tested to Epon® 828, results were positive, one test at a concentration of 1:20,000. The epoxy resin had been added to the knee patch adhesive as an adhesion promoter. Sears has now substituted a nonepoxy adhesive for the knee patch of their jeans.



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