Effects of Light, Sun, and Other Rays on Growth*

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Glasser: For thousands of years the sun with its light and heat has commanded the attention and worship of mankind. Primitive man knew that there are great healing powers in the mighty rays of the sun. In the early civilizations the sun-god, Ra, of the ancient Egyptians, and Apollo, of the Greeks and Romans, was acknowledged to be one of the principal deities. The mythological beliefs which ascribed to the sun-god power over vegetation, growth and development, healing of sickness, life and death, have been well substantiated by modern science. Indeed, the ancients were conservative in their viewpoint. They might have been astounded could they have foreseen the almost fantastic discoveries of recent years.

Although it is an everyday experience to observe the importance of the sun’s radiation to living things, I imagine that few of us suspect how closely our lives are linked with sunshine. On an overcast summer day, when the world seems unusually quiet, what wonders a sudden burst of sunshine will do to Nature, producing life and activity everywhere. As we shall see, everything in man’s life depends upon the sun.

Perhaps the most fascinating mystery of the universe is the origin of physical life upon the earth. Protoplasm, the stuff out of which our bodies and those of every living thing are made, contains water, carbon, nitrogen, and other chemical elements. Although we do not know what vital spark transformed these lifeless chemicals into the first protoplasm, it is highly improbable that this mysterious and. . .



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