The Correction of Scoliosis by Use of a Modified Turnbuckle Jacket

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The treatment of scoliosis in all its degrees has presented to the orthopaedic surgeon one of his most difficult problems. Treatment in the early and milder cases of lateral deviation of the spine has been more successful than in the severe cases with marked deviation and fixed deformity where less satisfactory results have been obtained. The more severe and the more fixed the deformity, the more drastic must be the treatment. The problem presented by the correction of these more severe cases has interested me and a modification of the turnbuckle jacket has been devised in an effort to secure more satisfactory results.

Much has been accomplished during the last forty years in the treatment of the patient with severe scoliosis and an impetus for the development of more satisfactory methods has come from the better understanding of the pathogenesis of scoliosis as well as the realization that a very good degree of correction can be obtained. Bradford and Brackett1, Lovett and Brewster2, Abbott3, Forbes4, and Galeazzi5 were the earlier workers whose methods of correction gave such encouraging results that other applications of their principles have been developed and still better results are being obtained.

The curving spine has been shown invariably to undergo a change due to torsion and this is spoken of as rotation. It is this torsion change which accounts for so much of the deformity. As the rotation occurs, the ribs are carried backward on the convex side of the curve and forward on the concave. . .



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