The Cleveland Clinic Quarterly: the first fifty years

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The Fiftieth Anniversary of the Cleveland Clinic Quarterly is an appropriate occasion to record the history of the journal itself.1 Preceded by the Cleveland Clinic Bulletin, which published only one issue (June 1931), the Quarterly was first published 50 years ago in 1932. Four issues appeared that year. No volumes were published in 1933 or 1934, and Volume 2 appeared in 1935. Quarterly publication has been continuous since that time.2


On October 23, 1931, the Junior Staff Committee held a meeting to discuss the possibility of founding a medical journal at The Cleveland Clinic Foundation.3 Attending were Drs. Haden (Medicine), Dixon (Orthopaedic Surgery), Netherton (Dermatology), Dinsmore (General Surgery), and Mullin (Otolaryngology).

A thorough discussion of. . . . the Cleveland Clinic Bulletin was held and it was unanimously decided that a publication should be issued from the Clinic. It was thought best to issue it quarterly and have as a title, The Cleveland Clinic Quarterly, which was decided suitable; said publication to be made of selected reprints and original papers.

At the next staff meeting on October 28, 1931,3 an Editorial Committee was appointed consisting of Miss Amy Rowland as chairman; Drs. Haden and Dinsmore represented the staff, and Dr. Hamby, the fellows. The minutes concluded that, “Various details of the publication were discussed but final decision was left to further meetings of the Editorial Board.”

The Foreword to the first issue of the Quarterly reads:4

The general approval which greeted the collection of reprints issued under the title, . . .



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