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ON February 27, 1967, the Cleveland Clinic lost a respected and valuable member of its staff, Dr. Charles A. Resch, Head of the Department of Dental Surgery since 1934, when sudden death came as the result of coronary artery disease. During the previous twelve years he had experienced several “coronary attacks,” but recovery from these episodes permitted him to return to his work in the Cleveland Clinic, where he examined patients and treated them up to his last day.

Born March 12, 1905, in Youngstown, Ohio, he was one of four children of Albert G. Resch and Florence P. Resch. After graduation from Rayen High School in Youngstown, he attended Adelbert College of Western Reserve University from 1923 to 1925 and then transferred to Ohio University at Athens, Ohio, where he received his A.B. degree in 1927. From the School of Dentistry of Western Reserve University he received the degree of D.D.S. in 1930.

After completing his professional training, he conducted a private practice in dentistry in Youngstown until 1934, when on September 15th he was married to Helen Richards and in December of that year they came to Cleveland. At that time he was appointed Head of the Department of Dental Surgery at the Cleveland Clinic to succeed Dr. J. H. Springsted. During his many years in that post, Doctor Resch performed most useful services as a consultant to the members of the medical staff, who frequently requested his opinion and advice in regard to difficult diagnostic problems. He . . .



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