Medical Education Programs

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THE Cleveland Clinic Educational Foundation was established in 1935 to carry out the medical education programs of the Cleveland Clinic. For twenty-seven years it was known as The Frank E. Bunts Educational Institute, and in 1962, to achieve closer identity with The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, the present name was adopted. The articles of incorporation state that the purposes are: “ . . . to establish, maintain and conduct an institution of learning for promoting education and giving instruction in the art, science and practice of medicine, surgery, anatomy, hygiene and allied or kindred sciences and subjects. . . .”

To implement its purposes The Cleveland Clinic Educational Foundation is actively conducting four basic programs: (1) a graduate training program for physicians; (2) an intern training program; (3) a program of continuation courses for practicing physicians; (4) a training program for high school graduates, in x-ray technology and, for college seniors, in medical technology.

Program (1) offers training in the specialty fields, with a view toward certification of the physicians by the American Specialty Boards. Fellowships, numbering one hundred and seventy, are available both to men and to women in twenty specialties of medicine. Program (2) offers three training courses for interns — rotating, mixed medical, and mixed surgical internships are available. The training is given at the Cleveland Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic Hospital by the staff physicians of the Cleveland Clinic, and is coordinated and is administered by the Director of Education, the Intern Committee, and the Faculty Board. Program (3) . . .



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