In Memoriam


DR. William V. Mullin 1884–1935

Dr. William Valentine Mullin, Head of the Department of Otolaryngology of the Cleveland Clinic, died at the Cleveland Clinic Hospital on April 25 from cavernous sinus thrombosis of unknown origin.

Dr. Mullin who was one of the most distinguished otolaryngologists of this country was born in Iowa City, Iowa, on February 14, 1884. He was a student at the University of Iowa from 1902–1904 and secured his medical degree from the University of Denver in 1908. He was in general practice in Holly and Colorado Springs, Colorado, until 1910 when he decided to specialize. in otolaryngology. He practiced his specialty at Colorado Springs until 1926 when he became the head of the otolaryngological division of the Cleveland Clinic. In 1914 he took post graduate work in Germany at the Killian and Halle Clinics.

Dr. Mullin was a member and had been an officer, of all the leading medical organizations pertaining to his specialty. He was a Fellow of the American Medical Association and of the American College of Surgeons; from 1926–1928 he was secretary and in 1929 chairman of the section on laryngology, rhinology and otology of the American Medical Association; chairman of the section of laryngology of the Cleveland Academy of Medicine and of the Ohio State Medical Society in 1931 and 1933 respectively. In 1926 he was vice-president, in 1933 treasurer, and in 1934 secretary of the American Laryngological Association; he was secretary of post-graduate instruction of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. . .



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