Staff Meetings


Staff meetings are held semi-monthly on Wednesday evenings at 7:15 P.M. Members of the profession are cordially invited to attend these meetings.

First on the program is the pathology conference at which interesting cases seen recently in the Clinic are presented and discussed. Case reports are given by the membrs of the fellowship staff and papers on clinical and research subjects are presented by members of the permanent staff or by physicians from outside the organization who speak by invitation. The program of these papers for the first quarter of the year is listed below.


January 2Roentgenologic Aspects of Bone and Joint DiseasesDr. B. H. Nichols
January 16The Sedimentation Rate of Red Blood CellsDr. A. C. Ernstene
January 30The Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases of the Sacroiliac JointDr. Wallace Duncan
February 13Classification and Prognosis of Carcinomata of the BreastDr. Allen Graham
March 6Hygiene of the CommunityDr. Harold K. Knapp, City Health Commissioner, City of Cleveland.
March 20Cleveland Neurological Society
March 27PneumothoraxDr. R. C. McKay City Hospital Cleveland, Ohio.
April 10The Control of Benign Prostatic HypertrophyDr. William E. Lower and Dr. D. Roy McCullagh
April 24The History and Treatment of Foot DisabilitiesDr. James A. Dickson
May 8To be Announced
May 22Surgical Vascular Lesions of the BrainDr. James A. Gardner



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