Instructions to the Ileostomy Patient

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EVERY ileostomy patient is instructed in the care of the stoma while he is in the Cleveland Clinic Hospital. The following printed text is given to the ileostomy patient by the enterostomal therapist who personally instructs each patient.

Instructions to the Patient

To lead a normal life, you must have an appliance that is watertight and comfortable; the fitting must be exact. Although you will be equipped with the appliance before you leave the hospital, you will be asked to see us within three weeks for a final fitting.

There are many types of appliances, but the one most suitable for you at this time will be prescribed. Please do not seek the advice of your friends—either on appliances or on the care of your stoma. Friends mean well, but they do not always know what is best for you. We urge you to consult us personally or by telephone at any time that a problem arises.

The following instructions for the use and care of the ileostomy appliance are presented as a guide for you in the early weeks after operation. If you would like to make changes, for your convenience, you may do so.

Use and Care of the Ileostomy Appliance

Removing the Pouch

Equipment (Fig. 1):

  1. Medicine glass filled with cement solvent

  2. Medicine dropper to apply solvent

  3. Cotton or gauze pledgets

To remove the pouch, you may sit or stand. First, with a ballpoint pen, trace on your skin the outline of the disc. The . . .



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