A Whither Report on the Research Division of the Cleveland Clinic: A Commentary on Research Today

Author and Disclosure Information


THIS report reflects the view of one person, currently the Director of Research of the Cleveland Clinic. I hope, however, it is not a minority point of view. It represents my cogitations after 16 years of experience in the Division. Some facets of only contemporary interest are included to provide a truer picture of the problems we face from year to year. Some small rubs and irritations must surely show through. There has been no attempt to cover them up with soothing verbiage. Rather, I have attempted to present an instant in the reality of the conduct of research.

The report is meant for those everywhere who are interested in the organization of research, for those who support research, and for those who suffer from the diseases that will be benefited by the fruits of this sort of research.

The Changing Scene in the World of Research

I have had the interesting experience during my professional life of seeing a complete reversal of public attitude toward research. When I started in 1920, the attitude was one of complete indifference on the part of the public, and most physicians. As you are well aware, since about 1946, our era has suddenly become an “age of science.” I am sure I hardly need convince you of this when most “growth” companies are now spending from 6 to 10 per cent of their wealth on research. Former President Eisenhower’s Science Advisory Report reflects this change when it says, “Scientists have become one of . . .



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