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ON March 2, 1961, the Cleveland Clinic lost the oldest active member of the Staff. Dr. Charles L. Hartsock passed away in the Cleveland Clinic Hospital after a month’s illness from acute coronary thrombosis with ensuing cardiac decompensation. At the time of his death, Doctor Hartsock was Senior Consultant in Internal Medicine, having served previously as Head of the Department of Internal Medicine. His term of service at the Clinic spanned a period of forty years, longer than that of any other member of the Staff. He came to the Clinic as its first Fellow in July, 1921, a few months after its opening. Three years later, on July 1, 1924, he was appointed to the Staff.

Born on April 9, 1896, in Centerville, Pennsylvania, he lived during his early years at Cumberland, Maryland, where he received his primary education. Following undergraduate studies at St. John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland, where he received his B.S. degree in 1916, he studied medicine at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, graduating there with an M.D. degree in 1920. He served an internship at Lakeside Hospital, Cleveland, in 1920 through 1921, before starting his Fellowship in Medicine at the Clinic on the service of Dr. John Phillips, one of the four Founders of the Clinic. Doctor Hartsock was certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine in 1937. His membership in many medical societies included the American College of Physicians, and the American Therapeutic Society — which he at one time served as vice-president.

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