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ROBERT DINSMORE died from a cerebral thrombosis in t he Cleveland Clinic Hospital on September 24, 1957. The inspiration of his leadership and the warmth of his friendship will long be remembered by his associates.

In the memorial service held at the Clinic on October 5th, Doctor Dinsmore’s place in American surgery was clearly described by one of his closest friends, Dr. John M. Emmett:

“Dr. Dinsmore’s honesty and sincerity of purpose will live always in the memory of American surgeons of his day. He was able to make friends among all groups of people without difficulty, and he held these friends—an attribute which few people possess. One of his life’s objectives was to promote t he development of his younger associates. He was at his very best when he portrayed the individual attainments of one of them, and his pride in the progress of these young surgeons was apparent to all of his friends.

“Dr. Dinsmore had a splendid knowledge of the modern developments of medicine and surgery. He could scan a surgical treatise and get a clearer knowledge of t he writer’s objectives than anyone I have ever known. His wide personal acquaintance with American surgeons inspired him to follow with real zeal the literature which this group created. He will be remembered in our profession as a great teacher of the art of surgery, a responsibility which he fulfilled most effectively.

“Dr. Dinsmore always maintained a sufficient balance of interest in surgical science. . .



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