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RUSSELL HADEN died from a cerebral hemorrhage in the Hospital of the Cleveland Clinic, April 26, 1952, at the age of 63. He died as he had wished, at the height of his intellectual power and surrounded by his family and close friends.

A recounting of his many hours and achievements would hold little interest for him. It is rather by paying tribute to him as a man that we aid in perpetuating those qualities of greatness which characterized Dr. Haden.

Foremost, he was a kind man; kind in his thinking and kind in his actions. His second most prominent quality was the exuberance which underlay his alert and lifelong concern with the phenomena of nature. These qualities he manifested in his study, teaching and practice, in his keen historic sense, his interest in microscopy and his love for his birth state, Virginia. A hater of sham, he lashed out at it no matter whose armor he pierced. Because he believed m an was here to work and to work hard, he had no patience with laziness. All this, together with his contagious enthusiasm for the good, made Russell Haden beloved as clinician and teacher, and respected as student of medicine.

He retired at the age of 60 at the full peak of his ability with the aim of doing even more of the things he wanted to do. Immediately, he undertook a program of national service which spanned the world. This and the home at Crozet, Virginia which he. . .



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