Primary Linitis Plastica Carcinoma of the Colon

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THE primary linitis plastica type of carcinoma of the colon is rare. Although David1 reported an instance of this lesion in 1931, no mention of examination of the stomach was made at the time of surgical exploration. In 1936 Dixon and Stevens2 reviewed 37 cases of linitis plastica carcinoma of the colon and presented an additional 6. In all but the case reported by David, the lesion was secondary to gastric neoplasm of the linitis plastica type. More recently, Laufman and Saphir3 have added 4 instances of unequivocal primary carcinoma of the colon of this variety. Necropsy failed to reveal any evidence of gastric carcinoma or other attributable primary sites. All their cases were diagnosed clinically as ulcerative colitis prior to surgery or necropsy; in 2 this disease was an additional finding. A similar lesion has been encountered recently at the Cleveland Clinic Hospital. Clinically and roentgenologically its resemblance to ulcerative colitis resulted in a tenable preoperative diagnosis of this disease. Its true nature was revealed at the time of operation only after the bowel was opened for pathologic examination. Careful exploration of the stomach failed to reveal any abnormality. It appears probable that our case is another instance of primary linitis plastica carcinoma of the colon.

Case Report

A professional baseball player, aged 34, was seen for the first time at the Cleveland Clinic on December 29, 1950, complaining of intermittent diarrhea and symptoms indicating intestinal obstruction. One of us (B. D. R.) had observed this patient at the. . .



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