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After the Armistice Dr. F. E. Bunts, Dr. George Crile, Sr., and Dr. W. E. Lower, who had been associated in private practice since the Nineties and also in Base Hospital 4 in World War I, resolved to initiate a group clinic in Cleveland. Dr. Bunts and Dr. Crile were general surgeons, and Dr. Lower was a urologist. To round out this group, Dr. John Phillips, an internist, was invited to join the undertaking. Accordingly on February 5, 1921, the Cleveland Clinic Foundation was incorporated with these four men as Founders, and on February 26, 1921, the Cleveland Clinic Building was formally opened.

The Founders surrounded themselves with a staff of promising young men, and the facilities provided attracted a continually increasing number of patients. The need for a hospital soon became obvious and even more acute in 1924 at the expiration of Dr. Crile’s service as Visiting Surgeon to Lakeside Hospital. A new Hospital Building was opened in June, 1924, and an addition in 1929.

Space for research in biophysics was included in plans of the original Clinic Building. This space soon proved to be insufficient, and in 1928 a separate eight-story building was erected. In the Clinic disaster on May 15, 1929, Dr. John Phillips lost his life, and the Clinic Building was so badly damaged that immediate rehabilitation was impossible. A new Clinic Building was opened in September, 1931.

In 1941 the Museum of Power, Intelligence, and Personality, based on studies in physiology and comparative anatomy, made. . .



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