Novel antiplatelet strategies in acute coronary syndromes

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Compared with clopidogrel, the investigational thienopyridine prasugrel is a more potent and consistent blocker of the ADP receptor. It results in a decreased rate of ischemic events relative to clopidogrel, including a 50% reduction in the rate of stent thrombosis, but is associated with an increased rate of bleeding. If prasu­grel is approved for marketing, its use should be avoided in patients with a history of stroke or TIA, and avoidance or dose adjustment may be necessary in patients aged 75 years or older and in patients weighing less than 60 kg.

Other novel antiplatelet agents being evaluated for use in patients with ACS—the reversible oral ADP receptor blocker AZD6140, the rapid-acting IV ADP receptor blocker cangrelor, and oral thrombin receptor antagonists—offer potential advantages that need to be examined in the context of large-scale clinical trials.

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