Proceedings of the 2009 Heart-Brain Summit


Abstract 10: Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS I): A systemic disease of the autonomic nervous system
Kamal Chemali, MD; Robert Shields, MD; Lan Zhou, MD, PhD; Salim Hayek, MD, PhD; and Thomas Chelimsky, MD

Abstract 11: Biofeedback in the treatment of heart failure
Dana L. Frank, BA; Lamees Khorshid, PsyD; Jerome Kiffer, MA; Christine S. Moravec, PhD; and Michael G. McKee, PhD

Abstract 12: Change in depressive symptom status predicts health-related quality of life in patients with heart failure
Rebecca L. Dekker, MSN, RN, PhD candidate; Terry A. Lennie, PhD, RN; Nancy Albert, PhD, CCNS; Barbara Riegel, DNSc, RN; Misook L. Chung, PhD, RN; Seongkum Heo, PhD, RN; Eun Kyeung Song, PhD, RN; Jia-Rong Wu, PhD, RN; and Debra K. Moser, DNSc, RN

Abstract 13: Entropy of EKG time series distinguishes epileptic from nonepileptic patients
Rebecca O’Dwyer, Ulrich Zurcher, Brian Vyhnalek, Miron Kaufman, and Richard Burgess

Abstract 14: Evaluation of cardiac autonomic balance in major depression treated with different antidepressant therapies: A study with heart rate variability measures
K. Udupa, K.R. Kishore, J. Thirthalli, B.N. Gangadhar, T.R. Raju, and T.N. Sathyaprabha

Abstract 15: Proinflammatory status in major depression: Effects of escitalopram
John Piletz, PhD; Angelos Halaris, MD; Erin Tobin, MS; Edwin Meresh, MD; Jawed Fareed, PhD; Omer Iqbal, MD; Debra Hoppenstead, PhD; and James Sinacore, PhD

Abstract 16: Heart rate variability in depression: Effect of escitalopram
Angelos Halaris, MD; John Piletz, PhD; Erin Tobin, MA; Edwin Meresh, MD; James Sinacore, PhD; and Christopher Lowden

Abstract 17: Effects of omega-3/6 dietary ratio variation after a myocardial infarction in a rat model
Guy Rousseau, Isabelle Rondeau, Sandrine Picard, Thierno Madjou Bah, Louis Roy, and Roger Godbout

Abstract 18: The effects of tai chi on the heart and the brain
Qian Luo, Xi Cheng, and Xi Zha

Abstract 19: A randomized controlled trial of the effect of hostility reduction on cardiac autonomic regulation
Richard P. Sloan, PhD; Peter A. Shapiro, MD; Ethan E. Gorenstein, PhD; Felice A. Tager, PhD; Catherine E. Monk, PhD; Paula S. McKinley, PhD; Michael M. Myers, PhD; Emilia Bagiella, PhD; Ivy Chen, MST; Richard Steinman, BA; and J. Thomas Bigger, Jr., MD

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