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VOYAGER PAD: Clopidogrel adds no benefit to rivaroxaban plus aspirin after PAD interventions

Key clinical point: Patients with peripheral artery disease who underwent vascular intervention did not get more benefit by adding clopidogrel to treatment with rivaroxaban and aspirin.

Major finding: Adding clopidogrel did not change the 15% relative risk reduction achieved by adding rivaroxaban to aspirin treatment.

Study details: A prespecified analysis of data from VOYAGER PAD, a multicenter, randomized trial with 6,564 patients.

Disclosures: VOYAGER PAD was sponsored by Bayer and Janssen, the companies that market rivaroxaban (Xarelto). The institution that Dr. Hiatt leads has received research funding from Bayer and Janssen and from Amgen.


Hiatt WR et al. ACC 20, Abstract 406-13.