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Radiation-associated childhood cancer quantified in congenital heart disease

Key clinical point: The study provides strong support for dictum of “as low as reasonably achievable” radiation exposure from cardiac procedures in pediatric congenital heart disease without sacrificing quality of care.

Major finding: Pediatric congenital heart disease patients with a history of exposure to low-dose ionizing radiation from cardiac procedures were 230% more likely to develop childhood cancer than those without such exposure.

Study details: This was a nested case-control study in 210 pediatric congenital heart disease patients diagnosed with cancer at a median age of 3.9 years and 8,160 matched controls.

Disclosures: The presenter reported no conflicts of interest for the study, funded by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, the Quebec Foundation for Health Research, and the Canadian Institutes for Health Research.


Ganni E. ACC 2020, Abstract 910-08.