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Biologics for psoriasis may also reduce coronary plaque

Key clinical point: Patients with psoriasis had reduced lipid-rich necrotic core (LRNC), a high-risk plaque associated with cardiovascular events, after receiving biologics for 1 year.

Major finding: There was a significant reduction in LRNC 1 year after patients began biologic therapy (median 2.97 mm2; interquartile range, 1.99-4.66) compared with baseline (3.12 mm2; IQR, 1.84-4.35) (P = .028), while patients who did not receive biologic therapy had nonsignificantly higher LRNC after 1 year (median. 3.12 mm2; IQR, 1.82-4.60) compared with baseline measurements (median, 3.34 mm2; IQR, 2.04-4.74) (P = .06).

Study details: A prospective, observational study of CT scans from 209 patients with psoriasis who were treated with biologics in the Psoriasis Atherosclerosis and Cardiometabolic Disease Initiative cohort.

Disclosures: This study was funded with support from the National Institutes of Health. One investigator reports financial relationships with numerous pharmaceutical companies. The other authors report no relevant conflicts of interest.