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Leadless pacemaker shown safe in older, sicker patients

Key clinical point: The Micra leadless pacemaker showed safety in an elderly Medicare population with many comorbidities.

Major finding: The 6-month complication rate was 3.3% in Micra recipients and 9.4% in matched historical controls who received transvenous-lead pacemakers.

Study details: Micra CED, with 5,746 Medicare patients who received a leadless pacemaker during 2017-2018, and 9,662 matched Medicare controls who received a transvenous VVI pacemaker.

Disclosures: The study was sponsored by Medtronic, which markets the Micra leadless pacemaker. Dr. Piccini has received honoraria from Medtronic and several other companies.


Piccini JP et al. Heart Rhythm 2020, Abstract D-LBCT04-01.