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Coffee drinking linked with fewer arrhythmias

Key clinical point: A moderate level of daily coffee consumption linked with a small but significant decline in arrhythmia incidence.

Major finding: Each additional daily cup of coffee drunk was tied to a statistically significant 3% drop in arrhythmia incidence.

Study details: Analysis of prospectively collected data from 296,227 people enrolled in the UK Biobank.

Disclosures: The study received no commercial funding. Dr. Kim had no disclosures. The senior author on Dr. Kim’s study, Dr. Gregory M. Marcus, has been a consultant to Johnson & Johnson and Incardia, has an equity interest in Incardia, and has received research funding from Baylis, Eight Sleep, and Medtronic.


Kim EJ et al. Heart Rhythm 2020, Abstract D-PO01-032.