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Serum Uric Acid, Silent MI & Mortality

Am J Cardiol; ePub 2018 Dec 19; Ahmad, et al

There is a strong association of uric acid (UA) with silent myocardial infarction (SMI) or morality in the general population, a recent study found. The analysis included 6,323 participants (mean age 58.4 years, 54% women, and 49.7% non-Hispanic whites) without clinical cardiovascular disease (CVD) from NHANES-III. Researchers found:

  • The higher baseline level of UA was associated with higher odds of baseline SMI.
  • During a median follow-up of 14 years, there were 1,916 all-cause deaths of which 774 were CVD deaths.
  • Compared to those in the lowest UA quartile values and without SMI, those with the highest UA had a 29% increased risk of all-cause mortality; this risk increased by 107% in the presence of SMI.
  • Similar results were observed for CVD mortality.
  • SMI carries an increased risk of all-cause and CVD mortality only in higher quartiles of UA.


Ahmad MI, Dutta A, Anees MA, Soliman EZ. Interrelations between serum uric acid, silent myocardial infarction and mortality in the general population. [Published online ahead of print December 19, 2018]. Am J Cardiol. doi:10.1016/j.amjcard.2018.12.016.