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Coronary CT angiography gives superior MI risk prediction

Key clinical point: Semiautomated quantification of low-attenuation noncalcified plaque burden on coronary CT angiography is a stronger predictor of future MI risk than any of the current standard predictors.

Major finding: The burden of low-attenuation noncalcified plaque on coronary CT angiography is a better predictor of future MI risk than the Agatson coronary artery calcium score, a cardiovascular risk score, or angiographic severity of coronary stenoses.

Study details: This was a post hoc analysis of 1,769 patients with stable chest pain who participated in the randomized, multicenter SCOT-HEART trial.

Disclosures: The presenter reported having no financial conflicts regarding the study, funded by the U.K. National Health Service.


Williams MC et al. ACC 2020, Abstract 909-06.