Anxiety and frustration
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A 30-year-old man presents with anxiety and frustration about general functioning in his work and life. He has had multiple job changes in the past several years as well as difficulty maintaining close relationships. He reports complaints from others pertaining to lack of organization and the ability to complete his work in a timely manner, being distracted, losing things, not listening, and generally being perceived as overbearing and "a flake." As a child, he was often in trouble in school for being distracting, sloppy, and late with his schoolwork, which he often submitted incomplete. He is extremely restless while talking and continues to talk loudly without taking any breaks, often veering off topic. He also appears to not listen when addressed or asked questions. In addition, he frequently interrupts others. His medical history is unremarkable, with no history of substance use or abuse.

What is the likely diagnosis for this patient?

Hyperactive-impulsive attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder

Bipolar disorder


Anxiety disorder

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