Hot Threads in ACS Communities


Your colleagues are communicating! Take a look at the top topics in the ACS Communities and consider joining the conversation. Here are the top discussion threads in ACS Communities just prior to press time (all are from the General Surgery community except where indicated):

1. The Cheesecake Factory approach toward healthcare

2. Adhesiolysis reimbursement

3. Free med school tuition

4. Role of PA and trocar placement

5. Tips to avoid bile spillage during lap chole

6. Ligation technique of cystic duct

7. ACS advocacy efforts

8. Excised T1 rectal cancer (Colon and Rectal Surgery)

9. Uncomplicated diverticulitis with persistent leucocytosis (Colon and Rectal Surgery)

10. TAMIS/TEM reimbursement (Colon and Rectal Surgery)

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