Hot Threads in the ACS Communities


Your colleagues are communicating! Take a look at the top topics in the ACS Communities and consider joining the conversation. The following are all from the General Surgery community except where noted:

1. Pilonidal wound disruption: surgeon error vs. patient factor

2. Is it acceptable to make an enterotomy to suction-decompress small bowel?

3. ACS-led coalition letter regarding MedPAC and primary care

4. Return to the OR

5. “Is there any surgery that you don’t enjoy doing?”

6. Primary surgeon

7. When do you have a chaperone in the room?

8. Pharyngostomy tube

9. Books for a 13-year-old future surgeon (Women Surgeons)

10. Savi Scout Device (Breast Surgery)

To join communities, log in to ACS Communities at, click “Communities” on the blue bar, select “All Communities,” and then click the “Join” button next to the communities you’d like to join. If you have any questions, please send them to

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