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Hot Threads in ACS Communities


Your colleagues are communicating! Take a look at the top topics in the ACS Communities and consider joining the conversation. All are from the General Surgery community:

1. The ACS, FACS, and representation

2. Question regarding general surgery call

3. Cars in the parking lots

4. ABS announcement

5. Bile duct injury...

6. Postop inguinal hernia with scrotal hematoma

7. Appendicitis, informed consent

8. Nonoperative management of appendicitis RIP

9. PEG tube removal

10. Rectus sheath hematoma

To join communities, log in to ACS Communities at, click “Communities” on the blue bar, select “All Communities,” and then click the “Join” button next to the communities you’d like to join. If you have any questions, please send them to

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