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Take a look at the programs that are currently accepting applications, including:

Marc R. de Leval Fellowship
Deadline: December 1

North American cardiothoracic and thoracic surgeons who have recently completed congenital heart surgery fellowships can spend four to six weeks studying congenital heart surgery clinical techniques at an institution within the United Kingdom or Europe, and develop relationships with international heart surgeons.

F. Griffith Pearson Fellowship
Deadline: December 1

Available to general thoracic surgeons who have recently completed their residencies or fellowships, awardees spend a period of four to six weeks studying clinical techniques within a host institution in North America, and will receive complimentary registration to the 98 th AATS Annual Meeting


Lawrence H. Cohn Fellowship
Deadline: December 1

Seeking to impart knowledge and skills on young cardiac surgeons from around the world who are looking to pursue additional training in valvular surgery or care, the Lawrence H. Cohn Fellowship has an integral community service aspect which allows awardees to better understand the needs of patients in underserved populations


Denton A. Cooley Fellowship
Deadline: December 1

Cardiothoracic surgeons in their final year of residencies, or who have recently completed their residencies, are eligible to spend four weeks studying at the Texas Heart Institute and Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center


Jack Roth Fellowship
Deadline: December 1

Awarded to up to two thoracic oncologic surgeons who have recently completed their training, the Jack Roth Fellowship is designed as a six-week observational Fellowship which involves full integration into all clinical and academic programs of the Department of Thoracic Surgery at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center


Every Heartbeat Matters Travel Award
Deadline: January 1

Available to surgeons from around the world working within under-resourced medical centers, the Every Heartbeat Matters Travel Award looks to aid deserving applicants with the cost of travel to attend the AATS Annual Meeting, which is to take place this year in San Diego, California


Learn from the Masters
Deadline: January 1

Providing a unique educational experience, the Learn from the Masters program pairs awardees who have recently completed their residency or fellowship with leading cardiac surgeons. During their three to six month stay the awardee will work within a full clinical position, which includes full clinical service access.

Graham Surgical Investigator
Deadline: January 1

Supporting innovating clinical or transitional research within the field of cardiothoracic surgery, the Graham Surgical Investigator awards a limited number of proposals to topics of research varying from robotically assisted surgery, minimally invasive surgery, to other applications of new and innovative technologies within cardiothoracic surgery.

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The following programs for medical students and residents are also accepting applications:


AATS Member for a Day Program
Deadline: January 15

North American medical students, general surgery residents, up to third year integrated cardiothoracic surgery residents (I-6) and members of the American Physician Scientists Association (APSA) have an opportunity to accompany an AATS Member Mentor during portions of the 2018 AATS Annual Meeting. The program is designed to offer insight into the cardiothoracic surgery specialty and to provide an opportunity to network and build relationships within the cardiothoracic surgical community.


AATS Summer Intern Scholarship in Cardiothoracic Surgery
Deadline: January 15

Established in 2007 to introduce the field of cardiothoracic surgery to  first and second year medical students  in a North American medical school, the goal is to broaden awardees’ educational experiences be enabling them to spend eight weeks during the summer (June thru September) working in an AATS member's cardiothoracic surgery department. The Scholarship is partially funded by Scanlan International Inc., and the AATS Graham Foundation. It provides a grant of $2,500 to the successful applicants for their living expenses during the eight weeks of training at the selected host institution. Additionally, successful applicants receive complimentary registration to the 98 th AATS Annual Meeting.


AATS Cardiothoracic Surgery Resident Poster Competition
Deadline: January 31

Providing an opportunity for senior cardiothoracic surgery residents and/or congenital heart surgery fellows from around the world to represent their institution by presenting a scientific poster of their clinical/investigative research at the 2018 AATS Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA April 28th – May 1st, 2018. Once committed, residents/fellows must provide the Cardiothoracic Residents Committee with a brief abstract regarding the research on their posters. Posters may include research that has been previously presented and/or published. This award is limited to one participant per institution.

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