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State regulations for tattoo facilities increased blood donor pools


Key clinical point: Statewide regulations for tattoo licenses in California and Arizona have increased the pool of blood donors in those states.

Major finding: The absolute number of accepted donors with tattoos rose from 13 to 567 in California and from 151 to 1,496 in Arizona, which represented an annual potential gain of 2,216 and 4,035 additional blood donations.

Data source: An analysis of blood centers in California and Arizona before and after state tattoo regulations were implemented.

Disclosures: Dr. Townsend has no disclosures.


AT AABB 2017


– Tattoos are rapidly moving into mainstream America, and as more states regulate tattoo facilities, persons with tattoos can be blood donors without compromising patient safety, Mary Townsend of Blood Systems Inc. reported at the annual meeting of the American Association of Blood Banks.

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