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Ostomy Patients and Skin Complications Explored

Ostomy Wound Manage; 2017 May; Maydick-Youngberg

Ostomy patients may benefit from more education about peristomal complications and the reporting of appliance-related contact dermatitis, a recent study found. Using convenience sampling methods, a descriptive study was conducted to explore quality of life (QoL) scores and peristomal complications reported by adults with a permanent ostomy attending the 2009 United Ostomy Associations of America conference. Of the 230 eligible participants invited, 140 (the majority women [83, 59.3%], with an ileostomy [86, 61.4%], and a diagnosis of ulcerative colitis [55, 39.3%]) met inclusion criteria. Researchers found:

  • The mean QoL score was 7.56 (SD 1.59).
  • The mean number of complications was 0.83 (SD 1.03); approximately one third of participants experienced allergic contact dermatitis (43, 32.3%), and persons with irritant contact dermatitis reported significantly lower QoL total scores (mean 6.64 [SD 1.64]) than those without this complication (mean 7.77 [1.56]).
  • Allergic contact dermatitis was the most common peristomal complication reported.
  • Irritant contact dermatitis negatively affected QoL, and almost half of the participants sought the help of an ostomy care nurse.

Maydick-Youngberg D. A descriptive study to explore the effect of peristomal skin complications on quality of life of adults with a permanent ostomy. Ostomy Wound Manage. 2017;63(5):10–23.

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