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Classifying Women’s Nonconsensual Sex Experiences

J Sex Res; ePub 2017 Sep 21; Kilimnik, Meston

Various indicators of sexuality contributed differentially to the overall sexual well-being across groups of women in a recent study on women and nonconsensual sexual experiences (NSEs). Online measures of sexual self-schemas, sexual response, and sexual functioning were administered to 797 women with and without NSE histories. Women were grouped based on when their NSEs first occurred in reference to their age of menarche and age of their first consensual sexual experience (ie, premenarche onset, postmenarche preconsensual onset, postconsensual onset, and no NSEs). Researchers found:

  • Women with NSE onset postmenarche, but before their first consensual sexual experience, reported significantly more conservative-embarrassed sexual self-schemas than did women with no NSEs.
  • Women with NSE onset postmenarche and post–first consensual sex had significantly less sexual satisfaction than did women with no NSE histories.
  • The other groups did not significantly differ from each other.
  • These results support the use of the developmentally informed approach to classifying NSEs when assessing female sexual well-being.

Kilimnik CD, Meston CM. A developmentally relevant approach to classifying nonconsensual sexual experiences in the study of women’s sexual well-being. [Published online ahead of print September 21, 2017]. J Sex Res. doi:10.1080/00224499.2017.1366969.

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