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Self-Assessed Resilience Among Soldiers Examined

Depress Anxiety; ePub 2017 Nov 2; Campbell-Sills, et al

Recent findings supported the validity of self-assessed resilience among soldiers, although its predictive effect on incidence of emotional disorder was modest. To that end, in conjunction with assessment of known risk factors, measurement of resilience could help predict adaptation to foreseen stressors such as deployment. Resilience was assessed via self-administered questionnaire among new soldiers reporting for basic training (n=35,807) and experienced soldiers preparing to deploy to Afghanistan (n=8,558). Concurrent validity of self-assessed resilience was evaluated among recruits by estimating its association with past-month emotional disorder. Predictive validity was examined among 3,526 experienced soldiers with no lifetime emotional disorder pre-deployment. Researchers found:

  • Soldiers characterized themselves as very resilient on average.
  • Demographic characteristics exhibited only modest associations with resilience, while severity of childhood maltreatment was negatively associated with resilience in both samples.
  • Among recruits, resilience was inversely associated with past-month emotional disorder.
  • Among deployed soldiers, greater pre-deployment resilience was associated with decreased incidence of emotional disorder and increased odds of improved coping.


Campbell-Sills L, Kessler RC, Ursano RJ, et al. Predictive validity and correlates of self-assessed resilience among U.S. Army soldiers. [Published online ahead of print November 2, 2017]. Depress Anxiety. doi:10.1002/da.22694.

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