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New Position Statement on Transgender Health

Endocrine Society web site; 2017 Sep 13

The Endocrine Society has released a position statement on transgender health. The statement notes the increase in societal awareness of transgender individuals, along with evidence-based and data-driven protocols. Thus, a framework for providing care is emerging, pointing to the need for policy changes. Among the positions outlined:

  • There is a durable biological underpinning to gender identity that should be considered in policy determinations.
  • Medical intervention for transgender individuals is effective, relatively safe, and has been established as the standard of care. Federal and private insurers should cover these interventions, as well as appropriate screenings.
  • Increased funding for national research programs is needed to close the gaps in knowledge regarding transgender medical care and should be made a priority.


Transgender health: An Endocrine Society position statement. Endocrine Society web site. Updated September 13, 2017. Accessed October 4, 2017.

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