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Red cell age: No impact on mortality after transfusion


Key clinical point: The age of transfused red cells did not make a difference in mortality for critically ill adult patients.

Major finding: Mortality at 90 days after transfusion was 24.8% in patients receiving the freshest-available red cells and 24.1% in patients receiving standard-issue, oldest-available red cells (P = 0.57).

Data source: An international, randomized, double-blind trial including nearly 5,000 critically ill adults at 59 centers in five countries.

Disclosures: The study was funded by organizations including the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council. Dr. Cooper reported receiving consulting fees from Eustralis Pharmaceuticals that were paid to Monash University. No other potential conflicts of interest were reported.




Critically ill patients who received transfusions of the freshest-available red cells had a mortality rate similar to that of patients who received standard-issue, oldest-available red cells, according to results from a large randomized trial.

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